Born in Louisville in 1952, Squire Babcock has worked as a service-station attendant, an assistant ballroom-dance instructor, a farmhand, as weighman in a cotton gin, as an assistant hunting guide, as a pool table repair mechanic, a small-business owner, a freelance journalist, a framing carpenter, a middle-school English teacher, and as drummer in a blues/boogie trio. He is currently Professor of English at Murray State University in western Kentucky where he has taught creative writing, English literature and a touch of philosophy for 23 years. He is the loving father of Hannah Babcock, cheerleader, Special Olympics athlete, thespian, and all-around goofball, and he is in a romantic long-distance partnership with Carol Cohen, a wonderful potter and retired therapist who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia and now has only the one client, Squire himself. Squire has taken up woodturning in recent years and reports that he is passionately and permanently hooked on coaxing useful and pleasing shapes from the amazing wood he finds in Kentucky, Tennessee and the Pacific Northwest.

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